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Arthur the Magic Dog

Note: Card Trick is freely distributable. That is, you may use this Card Trick on your website, and give it to anyone else to put on their website. Card Trick is a Java Applet made by Mainstay the makers of PageCharmer, and PageCharmer Pro. The applet is small (less than 9 KB, and will work on virtually all internet browsers. However, Mainstay makes no guarantees and suggests users test compatibility on their own.


Downloading Card Trick

Windows 95/98/NT: Download the file Then, use Winzip to uncompress the .zip file.

Macintosh: Download either cardtrick.sit.bin or cardtrick.sit.hqx. MacBinary files (.bin) are smaller than BinHex files (.hqx), and most Macintosh users should be able to download a .bin file without problems. However, some gateways do not correctly pass these files. If you have any problems downloading or decoding a .bin file, try the BinHex (.hqx) file instead. Macintosh .bin and .hqx archives may be post-processed (decoded and expanded) by StuffIt Expander


Using Card Trick

For Card Trick to work correctly, you must follow these instructions carefully. Do not remove any files from the directory "cardtrick". Doing so will disable the trick.

Upload the directory named "cardtrick" to your Internet Service Provider. Make sure to upload it into your root web directory (the directory that contains your index.html and other .html files). Do not remove and upload the contents of the directory named "cardtrick", rather, upload the entire directory itself.

drop it in

Then create a link somewhere on your website to "" (replace "" with the URL to your own web site). That's it!


Customizing Card Trick

Understand and Edit the Code

It is possible to edit any of the highlighted portions of the code found in the file "cardtrick/index.html". Do not delete any of the quotes or slash marks in the code or the trick will not work.


Width & Height: You may change the width and height of the applet. However, making the applet size too small will hide some of the cards.

BGColor: The BGColor is overriden by the BGImage. Changing the BGColor will only have an effect if the BGImage is transparent, or non-existent.

FGColor: Change this value to modify the color of the text displayed by the Card Trick.

LoadMsg: Change this value to change the message shown while the Card Trick is loading.

BGImage: Change this to any .gif or .jpg image file. You will need to add any custom images to the "cardtrick/classes/images" directory for this to work.

Text: Change this to change the headline on the first line of the first screen shown in the Card Trick. For example, you could rename the Card Trick, "Susan's Magic Card Trick".

Cards: Change this to any .gif or .jpg image file containing cards (see the section below on "Creating Custom Images. You will need to add any custom images to the "cardtrick/classes/images" directory for this to work.

Count: Change this to the actual number of cards in the "Cards" image file. (Note there must always be at least 20 cards, so this number must be 20 or larger.)


Creating Custom Images


It's easy to create your own cards. These images must be created as a single image, any number of cards you desire (must be at least 20 cards however). Simply adjust the size of the applet's width and height to display your cards. Keep in mind the all the cards must be exactly the same size. And, don't forget, the number of cards must be updated in the "Count" (see above).

22 cards, one image:


Images used as the background can be in a .gif or .jpg format. Background images that are smaller than the actual area of the applet will be tiled (repeated to fill the entire applet area). Experiment by making backgrounds as small as possible. Tiled backgrounds will make your applet smaller and faster to download from the Web. Be sure the correct name of the image file is entered in the BGImage code (see above).

Actual Size of the Tiled BGImage Used in Our Example:


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